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When will China's furniture industry enter the era of brand success?

In recent years, the furniture industry in China, including Southeast Asia, Poland, and Mexico, which is headed by China, has gradually occupied nearly 30% of the international market share. However, one problem that cannot be overlooked is that even though Chinese furniture manufacturers seem to have earned a lot, there are still no industry oligarchs in the true sense of the industry. Rely on traditional high and low labor costs to make money.
The brand confusion of the furniture industry So, why does the furniture industry, which does not lack capital, fail to emerge the real big brand? There are roughly two arguments in this industry. One argument is that low profits lead to the low end of the brand. China's furniture is at the low end of the world's industrial chain. Its products are in the middle and low grades, and are facing the pressure of rising international material prices. Therefore, the phenomenon of low profit is common in Chinese furniture. Behind the low profits of Chinese furniture, most companies rely on copycating, resulting in a strange phenomenon that domestic furniture style cycles are shorter than the international cycle: a mature foreign furniture style is popular in 5 years, and in recent years, domestic furniture styles It was updated at a speed of about 3 months. Jia Qingwen, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that the plagiarism of the entire furniture industry has become a "tradition": the small factory imitates the big factory, the big factory imitates foreign countries, and similar companies imitate each other. This has led to the Chinese furniture brand. It has not become a climate.
Another argument is that brand building lacks initiative. In the past, furniture companies were making more primitive accumulations, doing far more and speaking less. Most of the companies have faced a situation where they do not know how to spend after completing the initial capital accumulation. According to the reporter's understanding, there are not a few companies that have a promotion budget of more than 40 million yuan a year. However, most companies spend money because the return on investment is obviously not proportional.
There are various indications for the brand to be effective. With the globalization today, the furniture industry in China is facing a new development and transformation. Especially since the second half of 2005, the attention of the furniture industry to brands has been increasingly shown. At the recent Central Bidding Fair, there has been an active presence of furniture companies, and this is a positive signal that some furniture companies are increasingly concerned about brands.
In an interview, the reporter found that Jianwei Furniture, which has been in China for many years, is one of the rare companies in China that has taken brand building as a top priority for corporate development. According to reports, after being awarded the title of [2005 China's Top 10 Famous Furniture Brands" on December 3, 2005 at the 2005 (Boao) China Home Forum, on December 25, 2005, the company was the only selected unit in the furniture industry and was in business. The "National Advanced Products after-sales service advanced unit" selection, once again aspirations "National Top Ten" throne. Within one month, Kinwell`s double happiness came to an end. As soon as this news came out, the entire industry was shaken. Speaking of how Kinwei can win two crowns in a month, Zeng Zecheng, deputy general manager of Jianwei Enterprise Group, which had been in the market for appliance companies such as Midea and Sanyo, said: [Now is the age of brand management in China. Under the premise of lack of brand awareness in the furniture industry, we are actually the first to explore the path, and the most important point is that we started the brand building program ahead of the peers, and introduced the brand-first concept from the aspects of product positioning, quality, and service. ""
According to reports, as the only company in China that has clearly positioned its furniture products to serve the middle class, J&W has had a history of producing furniture for 30 years and has always insisted on [four innovations in technology, design, process, and materials". The new "road. Zhai Zecheng stated that Jianwei has a clear understanding of brand building. If 2004 is our brand's first year, then 2005 will be the base year for brand building, and 2006 will still be a key year for the promotion of Jianwei brand. Because it is not only Kinvae, the entire furniture industry has been sober. Without a brand, this company will not be alive. Without a brand, it will not be stronger and bigger.

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